Sunday, March 17, 2013

Candy Drop Earrings

Now available in my Etsy store!
These earrings are fun and a great pop of color.  With the different colors and combinations that you could use, they could work for any season or occasion.  With this pair I decided to with a bright combination that suits the spring and summer.  

I started with the earring findings, some smaller jumprings and two sided epoxy drops.  

The earrings have a lovely S-curve that have loops attached, which can make for adding some interesting drops and dangles.  One thing to keep in mind is the distance from the loops to the bottom of the hoop, so there does need to be some consideration regarding the size of the items that are used. This is part of the reason that I used the smallest size of jumpring that I could find.  

With this pair, I decided to do a set pattern of colors from side to side, but you could completely randomize them.  I laid out the colors that I wanted to use, and then prepared for the second earring to make sure I had what I needed.  

All in all, these came out great and are a pop of color that will suit a number of different outfits, occasions and other situations. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Springtime Colors

I am loving bright colors for springtime.  While I enjoy pastel colors, I just think that pops of bright colors are refreshing and great with practically any outfit.  Plus, if the weather is a little dreary (as it can sometimes be in the spring) these bright colors can help to cheer you up. 

See this bracelet in my shop!
Mixing the bright colors with some pastels, such as the blue seen in the bracelet to the left, can also make some great combinations.  This bracelet, has a fun color pop as well as some great design elements that could make it work with many different types of outfits, whether they be casual or formal.  

These and other flower earrings are currently available!
Flowers in these colors can also be great pieces for spring, and transition well into summer.  Mixing these colors with darker finishes, such as the black wire in the bracelet above, or the gunmetal elements in the earrings to the right, also change the way the pieces look.  Instead of standard gold or silver finishes, these darker finishes set off the bright colors more, at least in my opinion.

See all of my wood pendants here!
These types of pieces are the perfect way to show and bring our your whimsical side. I love the pendant to the right because it has a vintage feel, but the flowers are those nice bright colors that go well with the light toned wood.  The way the transfer was made shows almost a texture to the image, even though it is smooth.  Also, it was positioned in such a way that the image seems to go off and continue from the edges of the pendant.  

Simple pearls earrings go with formal or casual designs.
As you can see from these designs, the colors look good in both simple pieces and more complicated designs.  In the end, what is important is enjoying your jewelry pieces and having fun! Maybe on the darker days you can go with these brighter designs to remind you that sunshine is on the way.