Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little Bit of Love

Ever just want to make a simple pair of earrings?  That's what happened here.  I had a night where I was going through the bin of products my friend had bought for me to have fun with.  I love making pieces for her because she really lets me run with my creativity and will randomly bring me a bag of stuff and just say "Have fun!" 

Sidenote: I have been playing with the settings on my camera and trying to learn how to fine tune my pictures so that they come out better, so you may be seeing more high quality pictures in my posts such as the ones here. I spent a night simply looking up tutorials and instructions for my specific camera and am really happy with the pictures I am now taking.  You may still see some posts with the old style of pictures as I am working through what I have, but I hope to keep improving them. 

These earrings feature a charm with the word love on it as well as a chain drop with a Swarovski wild heart on it.  I believe the color is antique pink, but am not 100% sure on that.  Still it was a nice dusky pink that I thought worked well with the piece.  A great statement piece without losing how fun the earrings feel. 

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