Monday, May 28, 2012

Why 'Just Another Symphony'?

I've been asked before why I chose to list my designs under the name Just Another Symphony.  To explain this I really need to explain a bit about me.  In my life, one constant has always been creativity.  My first creative love was and always has been music.  So many things in my life tie back to music.  The term or phrase 'Just Another Symphony' became a way for me to describe something I have created, a beautiful moment or something that is a work of art. In these thoughts, something that is creative, even if not music, could be a symphony - a symphony of colors, style or simple something beautiful.

These are the type of thoughts that I apply to all of my creative endeavors, whether it is my music, my writing or the jewelry and craft items that I create.  When it came to the thought of what I would name my shop, what name I would apply to my items, it was a phrase that I have spoken many times. Each creation is a symphony, movement or moment in and of themselves.  Enjoy!

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