Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Hearts To Be Had

So after making the stretch bracelet with the porcelain beads and hearts, I decided it was only fitting to make a matching necklace.  I used a style that I have made a few pieces with, where there is a chain in the back and section of beads in the front.  I won't lie, one of my friends made something in a similar style forever ago, and I liked it so much that I used it as inspiration for my own pieces.  

For this design I used the same porcelain beads and stardust beads that were used in the bracelet.  I added some flexible beading wire, a gunmetal toggle clasp and some gunmetal chain.  First I went about creating the front section which would be the beaded section. 

I did an alternating pattern of the green porcelain beads with some silver stardust beads in two different sizes and then used one of the heart beads as a focal component.  Once done the wire was crimped to create a loop on each end, and the crimp was covered with a gunmetal crimp cover.  I thought that the gunmetal tone went better with this darker or more muted color scheme.   To finish off the piece I took two identical lengths of the gunmetal chain that I had chosen, and then attached it to the loops on the wire.  The last touch was to add the toggle clasp. 

This necklace can be both casual and more formal.  The style is pretty versatile, and the stardust beads give it a bit of sparkle that can work with more formal looks.  Plus, the friend I made this for now has a matching set of necklace and bracelet that can work with many different outfits and settings. 

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