Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Festive Santa Stretch Bracelet

Another Holiday themed bracelet coming your way.  This time I used some vibrant red beads with Santas on them as well as some patterns.  I paired these with gold plated...you guessed it....stardust beads! This really shouldn't surprise you by now. 

Again, this is done with two strands of powercord because of the weight of the beads.  When I secure the surgeon's knot I use some loctite gel glue to help keep it secure.  It dries quickly and works like a dream. 

I love using bead stoppers on one end of the cord so that my beads don't slip off.  Yes, you could knot the end of the cord, but with these beads, they could slip right over the knot.  Plus, the bead stopper is easily removable, while a knot may be hard to remove.  

The pattern on this bracelet ended up being more random.  The pattern does not match, but in this situation I did not feel that it was necessary. 

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The combination of red and gold came out really nicely.  Plus, with a little green in a couple of the beads there is definitely a festive holiday look to it. 

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