Sunday, July 28, 2013

You Can't Take the Sky From Me

So yes, I had more shrinky dink fun, in the form of a Firefly inspired set.  With shrinky dinks, you can pretty much do whatever you can think of.  Does anyone know what the symbols to the left are?  The bottom one was definitely the most time consuming, but was SO worth it.  

I wanted this set to be more earthy and simple, in keeping with much of the show.  The main pendant on the necklace is another ICE resin piece (this, like the shrinky dinks, will be a recurring theme) with our favorite captain's portrait.  

Using some mocca crystals and another couple line diagrams of the ship from the show, I also decided to make a simple pair of earrings.  The way the ship came out, I had to utilize it in another way.  

With the complexity of the line figure, I felt that the earrings should be simple as well.  I was really happy with how this set came out and may make more in the future.  

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