Tuesday, July 30, 2013

All Things Superman

So I have this friend, you all have heard of her, she orders a ton of custom work from me (for which I am forever grateful for) and recently she asked me to make her a number of pieces for Comic Con.  I was all too happy to oblige and had a ton of fun with it.  

So first, let's talk about my new favorite medium in the world.  SHRINKY DINKS! Oh my lord I am addicted.  It allowed me to make a ton of custom pieces for my friend that I knew would be solely hers.  One this necklace and earrings, I did the Superman logo.  I also used my rivoli drop earrings in sapphire to make the earrings.  

I am so so happy with how these came out.  They have the wonderful sparkle of the Swarovski rivolis and yet are still playful with the logos.  

Next I moved onto the necklace.  I took a picture of Superman and inserted it into a bezel drop, then filled it with ICE resin.  When working with ICE resin make sure you have a number of pieces to fill at once.  You have to mix at least an ounce at a time and if you don't use some of what is mixed then you have to throw it out.

I made beaded links with Swarovski pearls in the gemstone colors line, which are coral and lapis.  I then used a silver plated chain to connect everything together.  I had another shrinky dink of the logo so I added it as a drop behind the pendant.  

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