Sunday, August 26, 2012

Creative Block - How Do You Deal With It?

I haven't been creating many pieces as of late, though I have some works in progress that are on their way.  There's a horrible thing that affects most artists, whether it be writers, creators or any other arts - an inspiration block. It's awful, especially when you want to create things and you have so many ideas, but they just won't flow like you want them to.  Sometimes working yourself out of this block can be relatively easy, but often it can be a struggle.  Here are some methods I use to try and break free.

1. Find new sources of inspiration: Photographs, books, surroundings - this can be anything! A lot of my color combinations can come from nature, so a way to break a block could simply be to immerse yourself in the items or images that inspire you.  

2. Walk away from it! No, I'm serious - really! Sometimes you just need to put your project down and walk away.  Take a day away from it, then come back to it with fresh eyes.  Many of my own moments of frustration have been cured using this method.  You can get so immersed in it that you lose sight of the design that you wish to create, or you simply can't make any progress. 

3. Start working on something else.  This is another version of number 2, but it can also work.  Switch from a labor intensive project to some quick earrings or fun bracelets.  The change in pace and type of pace could re-energize you or inspire you to start working on your more detailed piece again. 

4. Clean your work area! This can be my least favorite of the different techniques I use, but it often can work the best.  Often your workspace may become covered in supplies, cast offs, or simply items that need to be put away.  Organizing and cleaning your area can not only help you to get refocused on your project, but you can discover items that you forgot you had, or find points of inspiration for a piece in the future. 

These are some of the techniques that I use when I am having trouble focusing or continuing a project.  Since I've been experiencing a little bit of creative blocking lately I should hurry up and employ some of them! :)

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