Friday, August 31, 2012

Halloween Stretch Bracelet

So you may remember in my last post that I was talking about creative blocks and possible ways to get past this.  I decided it was time to break my own creative block and get back to work! I have a friend who likes to buy beads and other items, then pass them on to me to make items for her.  In the last month, she gave me two ghost beads for a piece for Halloween.  I remembered that she had also given me some other glass Halloween beads that may correspond well with these beads.  After mulling over these items for some time, I decided that they may be best used in a stretch bracelet.  

I remembered that I had purchased some powercord in black a while back so decided it was time to experiment.  This was not only my first time using stretch cord, but also my first time using a surgeon's knot.  I definitely recommend using glue on the knot and letting it dry suitably before stretching or testing the piece.  Surgeon's knots can be very secure, but you definitely want the added protection from the glue. 

This piece went by relatively quickly, but I did have to remake it a couple times.  Figuring out the length with a stretch cord can be hard.  I finally used my own wrist as a template to figure out how all of the beads would lay, especially when the cord was stretched. 

I think the finished piece came out pretty well and my friend likes it.  So overall I would say it was a success!

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