Monday, October 1, 2012

Double Take?

This bracelet may look familiar, but I promise it is different than the one featured in a previous post.  Using leftover beads from when I made the first Halloween bracelet I decided that I had enough to make another.  These beads feature creepy eyes, a ghost, spider web and spider.

I used the same technique when making this bracelet as I did with the last bracelet.  I love the look of this bracelet as the beads are more uniform in shape and size, so even though the colors and theme are similar I really feel it can stand apart from the other bracelet.  Like the last bracelet I did this on Powercord.  I ended up adding a second strand of Powercord to the original bracelet because the weight of the lampworked beads did make the single strand stretch a bit too much. Knowing that I did that with the previous bracelet I immediately went about creating this bracelet with two strands from the beginning. 

I knotted each strand separately and in different places.  This way if one of them is worn or gets cut, it can easily be repaired without having to completely restring the bracelet, or deal with the beads flying everywhere if one strand does break.  Both knots on the bracelet are sealed using Loctite get glue, which not only secures the knot nicely, but dried relatively quickly.  Even though it does dry quickly I do try to hold the knot for a few minutes to give it a chance to cure and so that it doesn't immediately stick to the other strand or the beads.  After I feel it has dried enough I then shift the cord to hide the knots within a bead.  Now, with natural shifting the knots won't always stay hidden, but it gives it nice presentation. 

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