Sunday, October 28, 2012

Snowmen and Snowflakes

I know, I's not even the end of October yet but I do need to get ahead of the curve and get some holiday or winter themed pieces done and listed so that people have the opportunity to buy them before Christmas or the end of the year.  So...with that in mind I decided to get a start on it with some winter/holiday themed stretch bracelets.  This first one is composed of silver stardust beads and glass beads.  Yes, you may have noticed I use a lot of stardust beads in my jewelry.  I may be addicted to stardust beads.  A little. Maybe.

This bracelet ended up with a steady pattern, I decided to make it match.  Some designs look better random, but I thought this one would look good with a consistent pattern. This bracelet was made using Powercord, and as with the Halloween bracelets I made it was made with two strands/  With the heavier beads it works well because two strands will not stretch out as much, and they will also give some added security.  

See this bracelet in my shop!
The two stardust beads on the bottom of the bracelet have some diamond cut details on it. This is the first time I have used them.  I'm not sure that I will use them in a lot of my pieces (unlike regular stardust beads, which we have already talked about). They do have a nice look, but the diamond cut detailing takes away some of their sparkle in my opinion.  Overall though, I really do like how the bracelet turned out and foresee more of these in my future. 

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