Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Keeping Your Place, Halloween Style

I tend to make a lot of ribbon bookmarks.  Up until now a lot of them have just been a single length of ribbon with beads or charms attached.  I decided to try laying two different colors and sizes of ribbon together to see if it would work.  

I had a couple leftover Halloween beads from the last couple bracelets I made and had recently picked up some new ribbon to work with. I started with layering a thin black ribbon on top of the orange ribbon.  I secured the ribbon down the middle using some Ultimate adhesive.  Getting it perfectly lined up down the middle took some work, but I found going slow combined with using some tweezers to lay down the black ribbon worked well.  With the Ultimate adhesive (which has a consistency similar to Elmer's glue) you can manipulate it, but there may be some residue if you move it too much.  

After gluing the ribbon down and letting it dry for a while, I then added ribbon crimps to each end.  These are secured using nylon jaw pliers, but I always add a little adhesive on the edge of the ribbon.  This not only helps to secure the ribbon crimps, but I find it can help keep the ribbon from fraying a little as well.  It won't completely stop fraying but definitely helps to prevent it.  

The beads that I had leftover were a black skull and a Jack O'Lantern bead.  I decided to add a couple stardust beads for some sparkle. 
After digging out some gunmetal headpins (I just felt they would disappear more and highlight the beads) and creating drops, I attached them to each ribbon crimp, and voila! Instant and unique bookmarks.  

I love these ribbon bookmarks.  Each one is unique and can be personalized to the owner.  The possibilities and color combinations are endless.  I have a number of these available in my etsy shop and am currently working on more that are themed.   These bookmarks are also incredibly gentle on books.  All of the ones that I make are long enough to work in a standard hardback book.  They are flexible, so they don't damage pages or the spine.  

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