Monday, February 18, 2013

Object Obsession: Wood Disc Pendants

So....sometimes you start making a certain style or type of piece, and you kindof...sortof...maybe get a little obsessed with making it.  This has happened to me with wooden disc pendants.  I get these pendants with no embellishment whatsoever and then add decals, transfers or rub ons.  

They can then have any type of look.  Some are playful while others will be more whimsical.  I sell them both in finished pieces as well as by themselves.  

The different tones of the woods can go with different images and words, but I find those decals/rub ons that are more opaque work better.  Those with translucency will lose much of their effect when placed over the wood, especially with the lighter tones of wood.  

While I have a number of them available for sale individually in my etsy store, I am thinking of making more and more of them into finished pieces.  You can always play off of the colors in the image, as well as the tones of the wood. 

The disc pendants do already have a hole drilled in them, but it is rather small.  I find that they work well with small ice pick bails, but may not work as well with jumprings.  You would definitely need to use a jumpring thinner than 18 gauge.  

So this is the item that I keep making.  Eventually I will run out of ideas of how to use it, or run out of images to put on it.  We will see which comes first. 

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