Monday, March 31, 2014

Always Have Hope

I haven't talked about it a ton on here, but my father battled cancer for five years before losing that battle.  I recently started making shrinky dinks with the O in hope replaced by an awareness ribbon.  The ribbon can be a different color depending on the cause, but the design can stay the same. 

I decided to make earrings out of these accented by Swarovski crystals.  I thought this would be a great way for those battling a disease or those who are supporting them to convey the message that they should always have hope.  My father fought til the very end because he said that every day he was alive was another day that they might learn something new that leads to a cure for cancer.  

He never gave up hope, even when he knew that he only had days left to live and knew that his body was failing from the damage cancer had done. Every pair of these hope earrings that I make, even those not associated with what he battled, are a tribute to him and the message that he tried to convey. He always greeted every nurse and doctor with a smile, telling them he felt fine, even when he was in pain. I can only hope that everyone with a condition or disease that they are fighting, no matter how dire it may feel, can find a way to have a little hope...even if that hope is just that what doctors learn from them may lead to a cure for someone else. 

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