Tuesday, March 11, 2014

X-Men Necklace

This is another one where I used a picture within a bezel and some ICE Resin. This one features old school X-men.  With the impact of the picture I decided to keep all of the other details simple to simply accent the main pendant.  I did this by using beaded links as well as beads attached as drops to pieces of chain which hang below the pendant itself.  It doesn't need a whole lot of added color since the pendant itself is so colorful, so the beads are mirrorlike or clear with a finish.  Also, these accents give the piece more shine and sparkle, but still keeps the attention on the main image in the pendant.  

ICE resin is still a relatively new material for me.  So far it is not really a favorite, but I think that is only because I don't have a ton of practice with it.  I coated all of the images I used in the pendant with multiple coats of Mod Podge, but there still were some issues where the ICE resin would seep through.  Still, I hope with more practice I will figure out better methods.  We shall see with time. 

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