Sunday, March 16, 2014

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Batman!

You know what, having tons of photos and blog posts that need to be written makes writing them all out a bit hard, as you don't want to be repetitive.  I certainly don't want theses to start sounding like "here are some shrinky dinks and an ICE resin pendant and this was made for Comic Con." So let's just touch on a bunch of important points.  

ICE Resin Issues: I've previously discussed about ICE Resin seeping through multiple coats of Mod Podge. In this case it made the pendant look more rustic or vintage, but on a personal level, it really did not please me.  This is something that I am still working on figuring out. 

These shrinky dinks were super fun to make.  I found cartoon icons for the Joker and Catwoman, as well as a symbol for the Riddler.  I also added a classic POW! and of course the Batman logo.  These were super colorful and fun to figure out. 

The bat beads.  Okay, here's a secret.  These were really inexpensive acrylic beads that had some white detailing on them.  Most of the detailing I took care of with a Sharpie marker since I only really wanted the eyes to show.  This totally improved their look and made them a real statement part of this necklace. 

Notice anything different?  Most of these necklaces I have been making with chains, but for the Batman one I felt like going with an illusion style to give it a cleaner look with more impact.  The wire is black too, so it adds to the overall look.  This one took me longer to make than some of the others, but it ended up being one of my favorites. 

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