Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Captain America

This started out as a custom piece that was requested as a single necklace.  After making the first one, I quickly had two more orders for it.  After making three of them, I will not be making anymore.  As awesome as this Captain America necklace came out, it was super labor intensive and took me forever to get right. Still, I really love how it came out, everything just aligned.

It features of mix of comic images as well as vintage poster like images.  I added Swarovski crystal pearls in their gemstone colors as they were the perfect red, white and blue.  

You know, you never realize how many different shades of blue there are in Sharpie's until you are trying to match them to shades in an image that you want to really get right.  I think in one of the poster like images I used four different shades of blue. Still, worth it. 

Again, this was a limited run and I will not be making any more (you would have to offer a really good sum of money to compensate me for the time it takes) but man it sure came out looking pretty cool. 

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