Friday, March 7, 2014

The Final Frontier

So in my foray of shrinky dink madness (ok, I'll just say it, it has become my favorite medium) I decided to make up a quick freehand version of the Star Trek Logo and turn it into earrings.  

I really cannot express how much I enjoy working with shrinky dinks.  They allow me to express my creativity and create custom charms or pendants.  It has completely expanded what I am able to create.  Can't find a charm that will exactly match what I want? I can make it out of shrinky dinks! It is always a trial an error process.  It can be really hard to figure out the exact sizing ratio but once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are really endless.  

The Star trek logo was relatively simple to replicate and I knew that they were going to be a hit for my friend that I have been making custom jewelry for.  These were quick, easy and still have a lot of impact. 

My friend ended up loving these earrings and I am tempted to make some more since the design was so quick and easy to create.  If you are just starting out with a medium like shrinky dinks, then using something simple would be the best way to start.  An image like this is something that is easy to freehand, but instantly recognizable. 

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