Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Winter Owl Earrings

Let's talk shrinky dinks.  I have become addicted to this medium.  It allows me to create a custom charm or focal.  I prefer to hand draw them when I can, but you can also trace images, just make sure that if you are making them for sale that you are using copyright free images.  

Also, always make sure to coat the shrinky dinks with some kind of sealant or top coat after baking, otherwise the color can become smudged or be scratched off, and you don't want that to happen.

I recently did a number of shrinky dinks in different images of animals, and one of the ones I was most happy with were these happy little owls.  They came out very whimsical and fun.  With the addition of some sparkling Swarovski crystals the tone was set for these little guys.  While the owl picture itself is very carefree and fun, the crystals add more of a sophisticated look.  I used some of those rivoli earrings I created as the base.  

Be sure to head over to my Etsy store to check them out!

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